Food trucks

About our food trucks

High quality and creative food concepts are the basis of a good food truck, but Foodtrucker's crew believes that the whole must be created by a modern appearance, a functional culinary workshop and a creative interior.

Our food trucks are available in different car models, such as Fiat, Citröen, MAN and Mercedes, and the box can be designed according to your needs. 

Therefore, we have created a perfect mix that will meet all expectations. 

Our food trucks are environments where both the chef of the luxury hotel and the chef of the smaller local restaurant will feel welcome.

Our genesis is to build fantastic food trucks – YOU can do the rest!



– Gas installation
– Water tanks
– Warm water
– 2 Sinks
– 2 Gas grill plates
– 4 Gas burners
– 8L gas fryer
– Display cooler
– Undercounter sink with 3 doors for gastro trays
– 2 Hoods
– Stainless steel worktops

* The equipment can be replaced according to your needs

**For an additional cost, our food trucks can be delivered in all colours


Total length: 6300mm (inside 3800mm)
Cab width: 2150mm (without the box)
Internal width: 2200mm
Outer width: 2290mm
Internal width: 3580mm (right sales flap open)
Total height: 3150mm (measured from the ground)